We run Sparkling Kids yoga and mindfulness sessions at schools, nurseries, charities, private homes and other settings across Wigan and St Helens.

Our sessions

All of our sessions: kids, family yoga, schools, groups and one-to-ones are based on a special type of therapeutic yoga which incorporates stretching, breathing, mindfulness, sound therapy, rhythm, yoga postures and sequences, positive affirmations and deep relaxation. Since we began teaching this type of yoga we have witnessed many children connecting with ‘big’ emotions and releasing tension and stress from their bodies. We have also experienced children becoming grounded and connected with themselves and those around them, developing self-confidence, resilience, strength, flexibility, courage and compassion.

Our story

Jane Bennett, founder, first started practising yoga in 2010 and mindfulness in 2012. It didn’t take her long to notice the impact that these practices had on her wellbeing, her outlook on life, resilience, confidence and relationships. She was hooked and began a 3-year yoga qualification to learn more. Her work as a Forest School Leader at the time had taught her so much about child development and had sparked a passion for nurturing self-confidence in children. She began introducing her own mindfulness-inspired games and activities and noticed how this brought focus and calm to the children in her forest school groups.

Everything came together in 2015 when Jane completed a children’s yoga and mindfulness course. She has since qualified as a Yoga Instructor, accredited by the International Yoga Network, a Children’s Yoga & Mindfulness Teacher, a Special Yoga for Special Children Practitioner and has undertaken training in ‘transforming trauma through yoga for children and young people’.  Jane’s sessions are influenced by both the therapeutic techniques and teachings of Special Yoga, as well as by her own daily yoga, mindfulness and ‘happiness practices’. She never ceases to be amazed by the power of yoga to bring peace, joy, compassion, courage, resilience and strength to the children she works with.

Jane has a particular interest in, and experience working with: children that find it challenging to concentrate at school; those who may be experiencing a difficulty in their home lives; young carers; children affected by mental health issues; those in care and children with special educational needs and/or disabilities.


Sparkling Kids is currently participating in a study being undertaken by the University of Central Lancashire (UClan), looking into the effects of yoga and mindfulness on children, including those with special educational needs. If you are interested in finding out more, please contact us.