Our school programmes include whole class sessions, small group interventions and therapeutic one-to-ones for children with special educational needs. We now also offer training for school staff.

School programmes

At the moment we are working with schools and nurseries in St Helens and Wigan. Some of the schools we work with aim for the whole school to experience yoga and mindfulness in 6-week blocks, others are targeting particular classes that benefit from the additional support. Some schools have engaged us to work with one or two pupils who are experiencing yoga as a therapeutic intervention, providing them with extra help in expressing and moving through ‘big’ emotions. Others are providing additional support for pupils who experience yoga and mindfulness in small groups on a weekly basis.

Your school

Whatever your school’s needs, we are happy to discuss how we can support your children with yoga and mindfulness. All of our sessions are tailored to the group or child’s needs and abilities. Staff are invited to experience the benefits alongside their classes and are also given tools to take back with them to use with the children. With a little practice, overtime, these tools help to improve focus at school and bring calmness to the classroom. Staff wellbeing inset days and half-days are available as well as training for staff on ‘Integrating Yoga and Mindfulness into the School Day.’

Resilient Kids

Resilient Kids is new, unique and cost-effective service available for schools in Wigan and St Helens. It is a specialist group therapy programme for mainstream primary-aged children, delivered by a Play Therapist alongside a Yoga and Mindfulness Teacher. Resilient Kids combines play and creative therapies with yoga and mindfulness and supports children facing particular life challenges. To receive a brochure with further details please contact us.

Yoga has helped me to feel calm and the ‘sa ta na ma’ [concentration exercise] helped me when I had SATs. I did it before we went in and it really helped me to concentrate.

Katie, age 10

Sometimes when I feel angry I do yoga breathing and then I feel calm again.

Harry, age 9

Yoga makes me feel so special and joyful and happy. Yoga makes me feel I’ve got butterflies in my tummy.

Taylor, age 5

It helps when you feel stressed and you do yoga and you feel relaxed. Yoga makes me feel happy.

Lucy, age 8

“Yoga has helped me to walk better. For longer.

James age 4